Penelope White Female Seeks Sperm Donor

Hello there!
I am a 30 yr old female
college educated
small business owner
financially stable
I do not seek compensation financially or physically during or after!
Married, happily, He is infertile and we are unable to conceive šŸ™

What i am looking for:
5’11 or taller,
dark hair
green,hazel,or blue eyes

My next fertile window is Oct3-5 and Oct 28-30 , i am ready to go ASAP ,
if we agree on AI i will pay for a USPS Priority Express shipping label, you can print it and drop the donation in a free box at the post office!
If we agree on NI, for a NC local i am ready as soon as these next fertile windows!
feel free to email me with photos and i will of course return your email with photos !
Thank you!

US Marine looking to donate sperm in Charlotte, North Carolina

I have been in the marines for 6 years. We do medical screenings every month so being clean is not a problem!lol I love the idea of helping someone start a family. Knowing that I can give someone something they really want puts a smile on my face. I love serving my country and helping people. I am a very active guy and would love to give someone a child. I like meeting people and have a crazy high sperm count!lol I love being in the military but hate being gone from home. That’s why I have not started a family yet. I’m open to most thing just let me know what you need. I am ok with the child knowing me when they get older if you wish. I would like to see what pretty life I have helped create. I only do PI and NI donations. I don’t make test tube babies.
Age: 31
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Nikita Desperately seeking NI for a baby

I am desperately seeking assistance with NI for my best chances of becoming pregnant. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and I would LOVE to have a child before it is to late. I am the only child, so she has no grandchildren and this has been her only wish. I am in search of a disease free, intelligent male. I would prefer a male of Italian, Latino or Mixed raced. It is important to have current STD shots and we will also perform an at home kit for safety purposes. I am looking to meet and get started as soon as possible. I live in Georgia.

Single heterosexual man Looking to Become a sperm donor in London, Ontario, Canada Profile ID: RTPCR1
Single heterosexual man
Looking to Become a sperm donor
Age: 46
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Other Info:Ā I am from Asia, 166 cm, 45-55 age group. I am smart and carry excellent genes. I have a Ph.D and a professional job. I already have one health and well-educated son. I want to have more but my wife loss fertility. There have been no birth defects, genetic diseases or psychological issues in my family or parents’ families. I live a healthy lifestyle and do not do drugs or alcohol. The woman should have a university degree, be a good parent, responsible, financially secure or at least have good support from family. I would be open to either AI or NI.

Single lesbian Looking to Co-parent or Find a sperm donor in Atlanta, Georgia, United States Profile ID: Mystique1
Single lesbian
Looking to Co-parent or Find a sperm donor
Age: 26
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Other Info:Ā I am looking for someone to assist in my desires to become pregnant. I prefer someone of an Asian descent but am also open to Hispanic descent for AI–NO NI!

Need a sperm donor Hamilton/Toronto Ontario

Need a sperm donorĀ Hamilton/Toronto Ontario or close


Looking for sperm donor in or aroundĀ Hamilton/Toronto Ontario Canada.
Looking for someone who is willing to do artificial inseminationĀ or NI
All I her ever wanted was children of my own. If anyone can help please please
Contact me.