Ken and Tam Married Couple looking for Sperm Donor

Well established, hetero married couple here. We are looking for a sperm donor (no contact after conception preferred) in Killeen and surrounding areas (within reasonable distance, or shipping). Race not an issue. Donor must have up-to-date STD panel. Reimbursement for shipping and travel cost can be discussed. Unless shipping, only looking for donors who live within reasonable distance. AI or shipping only. No NI, PI. We respect your preference, please respect ours. Thank you.

Lesbian couple in Lincoln, Nebraska looking for a sperm donor

My wife and I used a donor for our 1st child- a son….He is the light of our lives and we would love to give him a sibling….Our previous donor ran out after our last attempt. We are amazing mom’s that would spend our lives dedicated to raising our children. I love yoga and bicycling and am a total organic mama. I am also very good looking. Smart. And a critical yet creative mind. I make beautiful children..My son is blonde and green eyed and his teacher says he has one of the best characters she’s come across. In my opinion of the best compliments I could have hoped to receive as a parent!
Age: 34
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Kyleigh Looking for a Sperm Donor near Lafayette

I’m a 27 year old heterosexual female that is desperately wanting a child. I am single and have a great career, own my own home. I don’t want to wait anymore to find a husband in order to have a child. Im missing that puzzle piece in life and have been searching and planning for a year now with no luck. AI donor only with no contact. Preferably taller, being that I’m 5’7″. Donor must have negative STD test within 6 months. Would like someone close by so we can AI a few times during peak ovulation.

Jessica Need sperm donor in fl asap

Need sperm donor in fl asap I only do AI
So I’m only looking for a sperm donor willing to do AI I start ovulation tommorow
I’m looking for a sperm donor in fl only that lives near me as I don’t drive I want a serious sperm donor who will still contacted me after I give them a picture of me as all the sperm donor I talked with once I give them a photo of me they don’t contact me after that

Angela Looking for a sperm donor I live in Sneads Ferry North Carolina

My name is Angela and I am looking for a sperm donor in North Carolina or someone who would not mind traveling to North Carolina I have a 16 year old child already I would love to have one more child I am hoping for a son if I get a daughter I would love her just as I would my other daughter this is my last chance to get pregnant again I have a very small window and I am 40 years old I have been checked out for STD several times and I am clean I can get checked again and paperwork that would be no problem I would like paperwork as well for an STD test also for gonorrhea syphilis and trick I have been with my child’s father on and off for 17 years we are separated I will be getting my divorce done next month he has not wanted anymore children but I wanted to try to have another child years ago but it kind of takes two mail I went to my gynecologist got checked out I’m on the proper medication vitamins that I need for my ovaries to be healthy and normal and on the proper diet for when I do conceive if you’re interested or have any questions please text me I have short black hair hazel eyes I am five foot three and I am kind of on the six sides