The gorgeous Australian TV personality Sami Lukis plans on using a sperm donor to become a mother.

Television and radio personality Sami Lukis plans on using a sperm donor in her quest to become a mother, saying she would rather be a single mum than not have a baby at all.

The former Triple M breakfast radio host, who turns 41 next month, says she is eager to have a baby while she is still biologically able.

“I have to do it now, not in 12 months but now. It’s all systems go,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Lukis has had several high-profile boyfriends, including millionaire Anthony Bell and former Big Brother housemate Peter Timbs, but says shes doesn’t blame her exes for her situation.

But looking back she said she would not have wasted time on relationships that she didn’t think were leading to children.

“I have the rest of my life to meet Mr Right but I only have limited time to have a baby,” she was quoted as saying.

Sydney’s IVF medical director Dr Mark Bowman said the use of sperm donors was becoming an increasingly popular option for single women in their 30s and 40s who wish to have children.

But he warned that neither IVF nor egg-freezing processes are straightforward or easy processes.

Lukis is documenting her journey to motherhood in a TV series titled Sami’s Baby to start airing on Foxtel next week.

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