Marcus35 Sperm donor in Las Vegas

I realize that I’m not ready to raise a family anytime soon and something about little Marcus’s running around in diapers causing harmless chaos brings me pride, not to mention helping others of course.

Creative, humble, hardworking, self-away, funny, laid back, spontaneous, punctual, high EQ, rarely angry, analyzer, hands-on, relaxed, successful entrepreneur.

I enjoy playing tennis and used to play drums and a bit of guitar growing up. I have always been into sports and had been in perfect health all my life yearly blood test results.

Very reliable and honest. Open schedule and am available to travel if needed.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and have been a US resident living in Las Vegas the past few years where there are unfortunately no sperm banks.

I have filled out a detailed donor questionnaire and can share it along with additional images for anyone as serious as I myself.
Age: 33
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Looking for sperm donor in Toronto

We are Lesbian couple been trying to start a family but was unsuccessful through fertility clinics so we are looking for a sperm donor AI or NI preferbly east indians, asians or mixed race with black within Toronto or surrounding areas. If you are interested in helping us please feel free to do so profile Id 136095.

University asks – would you become a sperm donor?

Sperm donating was once a huge part of the student lifestyle. Anyone between the ages of 18-40 could donate.

Depending on the male and circumstance, one donation would see the “goods turn to gold” as they earned around a £15 payout. With any tight student budget, this would allow a half decent round at the bar and a bucket load of tinned beans!

Payments, however, have now been abolished for sperm donating as it was deemed unethical and was banned by the government, although any expenses up to £250 accumulated in the process of the donation can be reimbursed.

But should the cash really be the main incentive to do such a noble job? “No it shouldn’t, because no amount of money should put a price on life,” says student Ryan James.

According to the National Gamete Trust (NGT), there’s a current shortage of donors and people are waiting around a year on average for a sufficient donor: “Only 384 people are donating and 500 are needed.”

Although a child born through sperm donation still has no legal, financial, social or moral rights over the donor, some people blame the decrease in donor numbers on the new right that children born from donations after 2009 can legally find the identity of their donor.

However, Joe Coleman doesn’t think that this should matter: “My Dad’s adopted and doesn’t want to know who his real parents are. It’s the people that are there for you, and act as the family figure when you grow up. These are the people who the child should be loyal too. And I think most of people born from donations may feel the same way,” he says.

Ryan says that knowing a child could trace him would stop him from donating: “I don’t like the idea of being psychologically and morally responsible. Although the law states the child has no moral right over the donor. It doesn’t change how you feel. Allowing the child to find your identity, allows them to possibly find you,’ explains Ryan.

There are many clinics across the UK that carry out sperm donation. NGT’s website,, gives clear and practical information to those considering becoming a sperm or egg donor.

To help with further understanding involved in donating, contact the confidential helpline on 0845 226 9193.

Source: Max Pettifer @ The Linc

‘Skype’ with your sperm bank donor coordinator

European Sperm Bank USA now offering a chance to discuss donor options via Skype.

European Sperm Bank USA (ESB-USA), the leading U.S. and Danish sperm bank, has introduced ‘Skype’ videoconferencing with our Donor Coordinator, Kristina Jensen, for women and couples trying to select the best genetic donor to help create their family.

Ms. Jensen says that “Skyping with our clients allows me a higher level of communication and a better way to help them sort through an overwhelming number of choices to find the right donor. Most clients start with physical characteristics such as height and hair color, but then want to know about a donor’s character and personality.

“Sometimes it is not enough to make such an important choice to e-mail or a phone call, and a videoconference lets our clients see and talk to me here at the lab. ‘Skype’ is the next best thing to meeting and touring our lab in Seattle, which many clients would like to do but can’t because of distance.”

The European Sperm Bank USA, one of the world’s leading reproductive tissue banks, is the only sperm bank to offer only Open-ID donors.

Source: Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 6, 2011