Sperm donor in Johannesburg South Africa

I am a happy guy, working as a Chartered Accountant working around the world, and I would like to donate to make your dream come true, to be part of the miracle of life. Profile ID 131631 Johannesburg, South Africa

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          1. Hi, I am Mpho I study Engineering at wits. I am a black male and would like to assist any woman who needs a child. Inbox me at————– then WE will take it from there.

    1. Am 28 years in south africa am the sperm donour.Contact me via email at ——————or call ————————————

      1. l need a donar as quickly as possible.that means if you can travel to where l stay or any other ways or means that you may give in detail.your response will be higly appreciated.waitng to hear from you

    1. Am 28 years in south africa i love to travel.My contact details are email at ——————–.My phone number is ———————-

  1. Iam a 29 yrs old black women needs a sperm donor from a white guy is there any white guy who can assist me around gauteng if there is please contact me.

      1. Hi
        I was just browsing the Web in search of a sperm donor and saw this. Are you still willing to donate? How do you donate? I’m really desperate for a donor at this stage. You can contact me on what’s app if it’s easier for you.

    1. Good Day Ariteny are you still in the prepared to donate. Please also advise what you nationality is if you are still a willing donor

  2. Hi I’m a 29 years Black woman around Benoni looking for a white man who is willing to donatea sparm he can be in contact or not its up to him.

  3. I’m 27 yrs old Swazi man, looking for any women of any age to donate a sperm to and to be involved or in contact with the child whole life.

  4. Hi ! I am a Black Man willing to donate . I live arround johannesburg and am about 1.95 metres tall. If intrested send mail details.

    1. Hi there I’m Cwenga from Eastern Cape, I would love to be in contact with u if the offer still stand at

  5. I am a coloured woman who would like a white male donor preferably with blue or green eyes. I am permanently employed and live in the west rand. Willing to travel.
    Looking forward to hearing from a willing donor

  6. Hi
    I am health 33 yrs old man,black in colour, very tall and light in complexion,I am willing to donate sperms to any woman who is really need help. Stays in Johannesburg! BBm or contact with the email! Please don’t hesitate

  7. Green eyes, tall Chartered Accountant who travels the world on work assignments, mostly based in South Africa, able to donate to any lady requiring sperm..

  8. I am a Chinese!I want to have a half-blood baby, I’m going to do test tube babies!Can you help me?I hope you can send me some details of you!Thank you very much!

  9. Hi I’m a 27 year old white man if you need my heelthy spurm contack me . Brown eyes brown here 1.86 m lall 95 kg. ———————-. Please only serios pepol —————–

  10. Woman that needs my spurm? Contack me. I’m a 27 year old white man. In the free state get hold of me on bbm whatsap email. Dous not matter . I’m a verry strong donor. Brown eyes brown here 1.86 m lall 95 kg. ——————————–4 . Please only serios pepol ————————what are you waiting for?

  11. Hi am mpho am a 25year old healthy black guy from gauteng johannesburg and i want to help any lady that needs a sperm donor ,am even willing to go with that lady to a doctor for an hiv and other STD’s tests , you can add me on facebook so that we can arrange our meeting ,

  12. Hi Rob can you please help donate a sperm for me
    I’m black and would really like a mixed race child like my granny

  13. Good Day

    I am a 23years old white female, and are looking for a sperm donor that are willing o travel.
    He must be able to send my photo’s beforehand.
    Please contact me by —————

          1. Hi there I’m Cwenga from Eastern Cape, I would love to be in contact with u if the offer still stand at

  14. Good day
    I am looking for a sperm donor as soon as possible if anyone of you can help me please mail me on ——————–

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  16. Can anyone help where could I find sperm bank in south afraica where I can go bank and come use it later on for my personal gain/ benefit when I feel like having one

  17. I am 35years old black woman who would like a white south African sperm donor or someone whom we can both co-parent. I av a whole lot of love to give to that unborn child. Pls help a desperate woman.

    1. hi,would also lyk to get a sperm but would prefer co parenting best as i believe in a child having 2 parents.pliz contact me if interested

        1. Please contact me Jade, I am interested, I would love to do coparenting with you. I can’t find your personal details to contact you directly.


  19. Here is a matured gent who is willing to donate sperm to a lady we can discuss acess and other things. I am african and based jhb I am prepared to travel to know more email

  20. I am a black woman 34, please help me with a sperm donor preferably white donor, want to have a mixed race baby and want to become a mother please contact me by ————-

    1. Hi Annie, please contact me. Let us meet and arrange everything. First we need to do the STD test.
      If you have Facebook account, please provide me with you account name Johannesburg, South Africa.

      1. Hi Stoffel, thanks for replying, I cant get pregnant naturally, want to have the baby through IVF, if you are still willing please contact me.

  21. I am 32yrs old black man staying in Midrand jhb ready and available to donate sperms and willing to go for coparenting should it be an option.

  22. 30/ Indian , handsome looking, 6’2 tall , good health , no disease, clean and healthy sperm
    looking to donate it who are really in need.

    contact me for detail

      1. Anzelle if u r around gauteng lets get in touch n probably see what may come up n we take it from there,whatsapp or email the details provided

  23. Hi, black guy looking to donate sperm at no cost. Tall, handsome, coffee colour. Will send a picture on request. 🙂
    I am around Johannesburg

  24. Hi, I am a loyal family orientated transgender man and she is a beautiful successful and educated woman, we stay in CPT, we would like a Indian or colored sperm donor please assist if you are able too.

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