Penelope White Female Seeks Sperm Donor

Hello there!
I am a 30 yr old female
college educated
small business owner
financially stable
I do not seek compensation financially or physically during or after!
Married, happily, He is infertile and we are unable to conceive 🙁

What i am looking for:
5’11 or taller,
dark hair
green,hazel,or blue eyes

My next fertile window is Oct3-5 and Oct 28-30 , i am ready to go ASAP ,
if we agree on AI i will pay for a USPS Priority Express shipping label, you can print it and drop the donation in a free box at the post office!
If we agree on NI, for a NC local i am ready as soon as these next fertile windows!
feel free to email me with photos and i will of course return your email with photos !
Thank you!

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  1. Hello, well I fit your description so I thought I’d reach in in case you hadn’t found anyone (I guess this is still up so that’s a reasonable assumption). I’m only looking to help married women in your kind of situation. I don’t need or want contact with the child.
    I’m Caucasian, green eyes, 5’11” and dark brown hair, good looking.

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