How to Communicate

How to Communicate with someone on

Our friends at share their profile summaries of all members who are looking for a sperm donor/co-parent or looking to become a sperm donor/co-parent.

Full extended profiles including photographs of members you see on this website can be found at

If you want to view an extended profile or communicate with someone you have found on then here’s how:

1) Register at (Its FREE) and then Type in the Profile ID/Username of the person you want to view (this can be found in the Basic Search function).

To advertise to find a sperm donor / sperm recipient / co-parent on

1) Add a profile on and take a note of your Username.

2) Add a new post or comment on an existing post on and Leave your Username in your post or comment.

3) Anyone who see’s your post can then find your full profile on by typing in your Username in the Basic Search function. (It’s FREE to view full extended profiles with photographs)