Home Insemination Kits

Low Prices on Home Insemination Kits

Sperm Donation Answers offer all the Home Insemination Kits and Accessories you need to become pregnant by artificial insemination. Choose from a variety of kits online.

Super Deluxe Kit_resized
Super Deluxe Home Insemination Kit:
10 syringes
10 sterile specimen cups
10 ovulation strips
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Deluxe_Kit_updated_2013_resized (2)
Deluxe Home Insemination Kit:
5 syringes
5 sterile specimen cups
5 ovulation strips
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Quadruple Kit_resized
Quadruple Home Insemination Kit:
4 syringes
4 sterile specimen cups
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.

Starter Home Insemination Kit:
2 syringes
2 sterile specimen cups
2 speculums
2 ovulation strips
1 Pregnancy Test
Discreet packaging is guaranteed.


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  1. Hi, I would like to order an Home Insemination kit. How long will it take to get to my goods and is it possible that I can get a Indian – Disease Free Sperm by you? I am in South Africa, Cape Town.

    Thank you.

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