JennKay looking for a sperm donor in Orlando, Florida

Fiancé and I are ready to start our family. Live in Orlando Florida. Lesbian, Caucasian, looking for sperm donor. Prefer darker hair, darker eyes, tall, funny, great personality, past positive pregnancies are a plus, great communicator, athletic built or adventurer soul…we will be doing at home insemination. I usually ovulate in the middle of the month and want to do it the sooner the better as long as our personalities click and I get a good vibe from you. We know it’s our time!

Open to co-parenting to raise a child in Orlando

I’m down-to-earth angle searching for her wings. I’m open to co-parenting to raise a child in a living, caring, warmth home. Kids bring such joy in people’s life. To have that bundle of joy and experience motherhood is what my heart desires. What a gift to be a mom.
Age: 42
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Jessica Need sperm donor in fl asap

Need sperm donor in fl asap I only do AI
So I’m only looking for a sperm donor willing to do AI I start ovulation tommorow
I’m looking for a sperm donor in fl only that lives near me as I don’t drive I want a serious sperm donor who will still contacted me after I give them a picture of me as all the sperm donor I talked with once I give them a photo of me they don’t contact me after that

Kasey Looking for a closed sperm donor in FL

Hello my wife and I are looking for a Caucasian sperm donor that desires NO CONTACT with the child at any given time EVER. We are a well off and healthy couple (lesbians) have been together for 6 years. We will be doing the insemination privately at home.

Antoinette Seeking African American healthy, musical and above 6 feet tall sperm donor

Married couple seeking help to start their family through free sperm donation through artificial insemination only. Must be willing to sign over rights to child. Please email me at . Located in Orlando area.