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Hi everyone, my name is Roberta. I am in a same sex relationship. My partner and I have been trying to start our own family for 3 years on and off (never found a serious donor) with 2 miscarriages. My partner has a child from a previous relationship that we are raising together. But I would like to carry a child myself and he wants a little sister lol. If there is someone who would like to help us we live in Northern Ireland and would be very glad to hear from you

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TV Show The Wright Stuff want to talk to Co-ParentMatch members

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The Wright Stuff are a daytime discussion show on channel 5 and on Thursday they are  discussing whether children really need parents who have been in a
relationship as a couple?

This is based on an article regarding co-parenting.

They take calls from viewers to set up two sides of the
argument. The are just trying to find people who’ve had experience of
co-parenting to come onto the show to discuss it. They will only be asked to be
on the phone and are welcome to keep their identity private.

If you would like to take part please email