Are you looking for a sperm donor in Yorkshire?

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  1. We are 20 and 25, and we have been together a year now and are due to get married soon, and we would really like a sperm donor to help us with our life long dream to have 1 of our own children. we would really appreciate it if any one within our specification could get back to us we would be eternally greatful, many thanks love us. Profile ID 131104

    1. Hi me and my civil partner have been together 9 years and married for almost 3 years we are looking for a genuine donor in North Yorkshire message if you can help thank-you.

        1. Hi you still donating? We are in south yorkshire looking for a donor. We have been together 5 and half years with a little boy who is 2 through ai. We would love to extend our family a and me be the one who concieved this time. We both have stable jobs and a stable home. If you could help make our dreams come true please get in touch thank you

  2. Hi, if you email me I will consider a match based on -looks, I will need to see a photo on your profile or have one emailed to me -location, I will drive up to one hour or 40 miles, if you want to travel further to meet me, thats okay -ability to look after a child: I want to know why you are using the internet to look for a donor, and how you will look after a child -all races welcome I will consider NI(Natural Insemination) or AI(Artificial Inseminiation). Profile ID 128129

  3. We are looking for a sperm donor to help us have our first child. We have been together for 6 years and are Planning our civil partnership shortly. We enjoy spending time with our neices and nephews and our families and would love to start our own.We would like to meet/talk with potential donors and any advice is welcomed. We would be looking at artificial home insemination.(No NI). Profile 131019

  4. We are a professional married lesbian couple who have been together for seven years, married for two. I currently work for a large private hospital as a Senior Care Facilitator whilst my partner works as an Senior Employment Trainer for a large welfare to work provider. We both hold a good standard of education (BA Hons). I am from a very supportive large family and we are looking to add to this and family values play a huge role in our lives. We are looking for a donor who is willing to help a lesbian couple achieve their dream. We are looking for donor by artificial insemination only, with no contact after. Please feel free to contact me if you feel you can help us enter the next step of our lives.Doncaster Profile ID 131400

  5. I’m a Young Black heterosexual male, living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I’m willing to donate to any woman in United kingdom. I am in excellent health, and have a history of good health in my family. My main motivation is that I have known women in my past who couldn’t have children, and it pained me to see how hurt they were because of it. I think that it’s sad how commercialized, expensive, and impersonal conception became for those women, so I’ve decided to help anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation. Profile ID 131453

      1. email me at ———————— if interested i will pay £100 per donation and £500 when i am pregnant and it will be confidential no one will know i live in rotherham south yorkshire so you may live 2 far away

  6. Hi Everyone, thanks for taking your time to read my profile. I’m willing to donate to anyone who would love to have a child of their own. I’m a graduate, slim, healthy and always keep myself fit with no record of serious or hereditary illness in my family. Please send a message if you would like my help, ask some questions, or would like to see some more pictures of me. Regards Profile ID 131452

    1. hi just wondered where abouts you live and are you still donating ? do you donate through a clinic or do you do it privately and do you charge ? sorry for all the questions thanks for taking the time to read this many thanks lianne.
      I have been in a relationship for 6 years with my girlfriend and have two children and would love 1 more to finish our family . Unfortunately our donor is no longer donating and now we trying to find the right donor to help us finish our family if you can help please be in touch many thanks.

      1. We are a lesbain couple who would love our own family and a child of our own I aim 32 and my fiancee is 21 we’ve been togetha for 2yrs and have tried my partner been pregnant and she has lost 2babies so now I am wantin to try carry a baby for us I have a lil bouy aged 9 and would love a brother or sister for him too

    2. hi are you still willing to do this ?? if you could get back to me please would really appreciate it if you could help thank you

  7. I am an honest good looking guy. I have a wife but she doesn’t want to have children. She works almost all time in another country. I want to find a woman who wants to have a child. I promise a talented child, I am a talented scientist, at school trainers said I had abilities to become a World champion in athletics. My brother won the 1st place at an international pianist competition in Florence. My wife said she was not against if I had a child by AI. Profile ID 131528

  8. Hi to all that has taken time to view our profile thank you. Me and my loving girlfriend are ready to be come parents and we would really like to find the perfect match. If interested, please send us a message, and we will contact you soon. Profile ID 1328

  9. Hello. i have never been on a site like this so not sure what i am expecting. i am hoping to find some easy process way of conceiving a child, however need somebody who is patient, i have had two miscarriages in the past and although doctors have told me i will be able to become pregnant again, all attempts have failed so far. so this is kind of my last desperate try before i consider fostering or adoption. if anybody thinks they would be able to help me please get in touch. thankyou for reading. Profile ID 131640

  10. We are a lesbian couple who have just recently had a civil partnership. We are now looking to start a family of our own. Ideally we would like the same man to donate to us twice so that our kids will be related. Thanks Profile ID 131938

  11. We are a lesbian couple wanting a big family, I have 4 children from a previous relationship, my partner has never carried a child and would love to have our next child. I would also like to help others out there via egg donation or carry a child for a gay couple. I know a lot of people will look at us and think we’re mad, but children are our lives. We spend all day at work with them and come home to them but we both all ways wanted a big family please help with our dreams. Profile ID 129401 Rotherham

  12. Hi, I am a single heterosexual professional woman living in Yorkshire. I am interested in being contacted by potential fathers who have a genuine interest in co-parenting. I am not seeking a sperm donor and will not be offering any financial incentives. Please only contact me you are seeking to co-parent and are intending to play an active role in the life of any resulting child. I am happy to meet for a chat and negotiate the exact terms. I prefer potential fathers to be located in or around the Leeds area, or able to spend significant amounts of time in the area. Thanks! Profile ID 4070

  13. Hi,.. Firstly I’ll talk about my situation. I am in a good solid relationship with a lovely man who has two adorable children. My partner does not want other children, I, however, have no children and really would like to have a child of my own. Now me: I’m a housing officer, a job which I adore. I have my own place in Leeds and I have a brilliant network of family, friends – all scattered across the country. I have a good social life doing many things from pottery, photography, walking, camping, cooking, reading and I live my life to the max. What I want from this site: I would like the chance to consider having a child with another person who would be able to offer a child the same love, support, education and parental guidance as myself and ideally I would like us both to have shared access completely. We would have a similar ethos on bringing a child up with good values and we would both want to build an honest and open relationship with each other as parents. Currently, I see my partner regularly and we are both open to how this would work. Although I live in Leeds, I am looking to move further north towards the North Yorkshire in the countryside somewhere, but I am open to suggestions on how things could work out. Profile ID 132654

  14. We are a lesbian couple who are fostering 3 children (all girls). We are currently on the waiting list for Donor sperm and this could take some time. We are going for Special Guardianship for the 2 younger children ages 4 and 6 and our older foster child is 14 and is placed with us long term (eg 17+). We are fully trained as therapeutic carers and also have lots of practical day to day experience of what being a parent is about. We run our own business and would class it as successful even in today’s economic climate. We are very active. We are usually away most weekends doing something with the girls. We have a dog, 2 cats, goldfish and a tortoise. The girls have access to everything we need and we are very proactive as parents encouraging family contact as we are very aware of attachment needs. We would love to have a gay male couple who are very involved with us as a family. Profile ID 131326

  15. Hi!
    We are a loving happily married couple living in Leeds who would love nothing more to complete our family with a child.
    Unfortunately my husband is infertile due to a medical condition and we are looking for a kind and generous donor to make our dreams come true!!
    Please email if you are genuinely wanting to help.Thanks

    1. Hi,

      I am Leeds based. I am 21, 5 8″, good health and no previous health problems. I am an educated guy and run a small marketing company. I am more than happy to help and would prefer AI. If you’re still looking for a sperm donor do contact.

    1. email me at ———————— if interested i will pay £100 per donation and £500 when i am pregnant and it will be confidential no one will know i live in rotherham south yorkshire so you may live 2 far away

      1. I am a Leeds resident and looking for sperm donation to genuine women looking to start a family.

        I am not interested in co-parenting, if it can be discreet and you’re willing to pay, I am more
        than happy to help you.

  16. Hi
    My partner and I are a lesbian couple looking for a donor to help us start a family of our own.
    If you can help with this please get in touch and we can discuss further.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi,

      I am Leeds based. I am 21, 5 8″, good health and no previous health problems. I am an educated guy and run a small marketing company. I am more than happy to help and would prefer AI. If you’re still looking for a sperm donor do contact.

  17. Hiya people

    Me and my girl have been together now nearly 2years in December and are engaged and have been for nearly a year on Christmas day :)..

    We are now looking to full our lives with a baby and looking to hopefully find a nice sperm donor to help is with this.

    I’m Rebecca and in 23, and I will be having the baby as my partner is diabetic and I don’t want her going through it and becoming poorly.

    My partner is Simone and she is 22 and is diabetic but she is a great woman..

    I hope that someone will read this and give us a chance. 🙂 We Are From Rotherham and live in Rotherham

    Thankyou for taking your time to read this and hope to hear from you soon..

  18. Hi Rebecca

    This is also for anyone close to leeds. Im 25 healthy male from leeds. And after reading these comments it has really touched my heart. I would like to help someone as I think its a brilliant gift to give and it so nice that someone really wants a child to cherish to complete themselves in this world!

    Please get in touch

    1. Hi Kez,

      Are you still interested in donating? I am desperate to have another child after successfully bringing up my son on my own I would love the chance to do this again before I am unable to conceive. I am not particularly great at socialising romantically but I class myself as a devoted mother. So this option seemed to be a good place to start. Any replies welcome.

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