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  1. Hello I speak five languages fluently, I own my own company, and I am quite fertile: I was an identical twin, I have four natural children of my own, two donor babies, and four ongoing pregnancies as of Feb 2011. I am open minded, I will donate to single women or women in heterosexual or same-sex relationships. I am happy to provide the level of contact you would like, although at the least I would like to receive some pictures and updates periodically and I am not interested in a formal co-parent role.I have travelled widely in the eastern US (PA, MD, WV, VA, DC, CT, NY, OH, MI, ME) but am actually located 1.5 hour drive west of Washington DC/Baltimore. I can meet anytime in the local area, and can hopefully coordinate travel outside that area. I am professional, I keep all appointments, and I will not attempt to pressure you (i.e. NI).If you are interested in finding out more about me please do not hesitate to contact me. I would certainly like to hear more about you! Oh, the pictures: one is me now, one is my twin and I age 10 (twins rn in family, I have cousin twins and helped one woman with twins), and one is my last donor baby age 4 mos. Profile ID 3946

    1. Hello, I was wondering if you are stil wanting to be a sperm donor? I was very curious, as I live in WV. I am married and heterosexual. I am a surrogate mother for someone and we need to find a sperm donor! Please get back to me I am looking forward to your response! Thank you!!

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