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  1. Hi . Im at an age where im doubting that ill meet Ms Right and have more kids . But i would like to be a Dad again . So thought id try this . Everything else is up for discussion . Im an easy going guy . I have a daughter . Always thought id have more but it hasnt happened so im trying this . Very happy to chat to people and find out more about each other. Im easy going , love music (wide choice), reading, cinema , meals out ( Im not much of a cook ! ), outdoors , walking , wildlife etc. My mates say im a really nice guy and female friends say im good looking . I like laughing . I was the class joker in school . Im not hugely academic but not thick either . I like working in jobs where im helping people and i take on voluntary jobs in community too . Really i should put more effort into getting better paid work for myself! I am applying occasionally for different jobs . But i like the job im in , even if it doesnt pay greatly. Ideally id like to keep contact with a child. Id be happy with a few times a year by email. Maybe more as the child grows up. I wouldnt be looking to be involved in raising the child onn a daily basis . And im afriad financially im not really in a position to pay for a childs upkeep ( which is parttly why ive ended up looking to be a donor ). Re method of donation . My aim on this site is to become a dad. Ive put’any’ method only to say im open to discussion but ill go with whatever you want on this. Any questions just ask me. I know both ‘parents’ need to chat here to be sure we’re right for each other Jim Profile ID 131325

  2. I am looking for a donor in Northern ireland…..Jim, who posted above……I searched under your ID number but it brought up a blank profile with no information on it……..can you get in touch with me…..username is majenta…

    There seems to be a big shortage of donors in Northern ireland…..I am looking for donation only by AI….anyone reading this that thinks they can help, please get in touch…

  3. Hello,

    I am from Belfast and I am very interested in sperm donation.

    If you are still interested after that while let me know on that discussion and I l contact you


  4. Hi everybody, i’m looking for a sperm donor in Northern Ireland. I don’t mind to travel all over NI and prefer AI. Thanks!!

  5. Hi folks, looking for a sperm donor only. Tried a few places by with no luck. Please help me if you can. It would mean the world to me.

  6. Hi I would like to donate and help single women or couples. I’ve a son who is just turned 2. He is great part of my life. And would like to help others have the same feeling and closeness I have with my child with there child. I live in northern Ireland and be glad to help.

    1. Hi im a lesbian in a loving committed relationship with my partner. We are looking for a donor for ai. Would anybody be willing to help please? Based in belfast

    2. Hi Tom,

      Where are you from? Are you still offering to donate?

      Please contact me if you are and we can chat more.

      Many thanks

  7. Hi am a 35 yr old man from Bangor near belfast am six foot blue eyes I’ve 3 Amazon kids and would like to help share the gift if a child with someone b4 I go for my vasectomy so please email me and we can chat

  8. I would like a doner in belfast for a lesbian couple … if anyone is intrrested please get in touch with information aboutbyourself… along with any fees or conditions you have and possibly a photo … thabk you 🙂

  9. Hi guys, my wife and I live in Northern Ireland and have been looking for a sperm donor for some time now for AI. If any of you think you could help please contact us and we can figure out how to correspond to each other privately. Thanks in advance, Lisa and Lorna.

  10. Hi I’m a mum wit 2 kids and wud lik 2 add another child 2 the family I’m lookin an ai donor if any1 can help plz get in touch thank u kirsty

  11. Hi my name is Naomi. I live in Belfast. I have been in a committed lesbian relationship with my partner for 5 years and we have 1 child and are really hoping that there is someone that could help us add to our family. Looking for a sperm donor that will have no contact with the child. If you are interested in helping us and are serious please get in touch.
    Thank you

  12. Male 32 available for donation based in Belfast donated once before (successfully) and ready to donate again anyone interested ? Serious replys only

  13. Hello, I’m single deaf mother from Glengormley area. So, am looking for sperm donor because I have 1 child need brother or sister. Hope someone can help.

    1. Hi I am a single male aged 33 I have no kids yet I want a woman who is single and wants at least a commitmented relationship and I will do all I can to support us all. I will send photo’s in an email.

  14. Hi I am a single male aged 33 I have no kids yet I want a woman who is single and wants at least a commitmented relationship and I will do all I can to support us all. I will send photo’s in an email.

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