Are you looking for a sperm donor in London?

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  1. Positive fun upfront creative caring guy with good sense of humour, fit and alert! Would like the chance to be a father.No hang ups with sexuality if used only as a donor but would like polite updates if your a gay couple. Very flexible regarding a co-parent role, if your single and hetro from minimal to more involved, your call.Not in a serious relationship.No idea really what to write so rather than try a ‘Mr Perfect CV’ ask me anything you like via email here, I’m a genuine guy with a lot of worldly experience to draw on and am told I’m not too ‘me me me’. Regarding geography though I live in north Wales am more than prepared to travel and work around your optimum times etc for a genuine person or couple, cities are thus probaby a better option like London, Manchester, midlands etc.Hope to hear from you.. had a few wonky replies Profile ID 129520

  2. Hello, My name is Scott. Although a single male, I’ve arrived at that point in my life where I want to start a family. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a father and I believe that now is the time to seriously progress. I am a professional artist and most of time is spent producing works and arranging exhibitions. I like to laugh and get a lot of pleasure from taking my dog for long walks, the more remote the better. I’m quite setteld and contented with my life and I spend my time between a property in Kent and my studio in rural Lincolnshire. My priority is to find co-parent who is kind, generous and generally happy. Being cultured, spiritual and humourous is a definate bonus. I’m happy to consider any arrangements that a potential co-parent may have. Profile ID 130926

  3. Hi, I have been waiting for Mr Right but unfortunately he hasn’t turned up yet which I am not altogether sad about as I like being single but sadly I can’t make a baby on my own! I would like to have more than one child with the same person and am happy to do it on my own but I would like the father to be around and to be part of the childs life and hopefully a great friend to me if nothing else. I would like the man to have a great personality, be reasonably tall, have a nice smile, nothing too major really am not bothered about skin colour etc as long as we get along and there is a chance we can make beautiful babies I’ll be happy 😉 I’m from London but since I got made redundant have been living in Devon but there is no work down here so I may be moving back to London again some time soon……not too sure yet, the only thing I am sure about is that it’s time for me to start thinking about babies especially if I want more than one. Anyway think that I have written quite a lot now and don’t really know what else to say so any questions, please ask and I hope to hear from you soon. Profile ID 8902

  4. Hi we are in a loving relationship (10 years now) and would love more then anything to have a child. I have good fertility but very sadly we lost our first child. We are musical, fit, energetic, have lots of supportive friends and family and could offer a child a wonderful happy home. AI only. Upgrading to full membership later this week. Profile ID 131155

  5. Hi there, I am looking for a very kind man to make my dreams of having a baby come true. I am a single woman looking for donor sperm. If you think you can help me please contact me to discuss further. I am extremely independent and able to fully support and bring up a baby on my own so no contact or financial support needed. Profile ID 6388

    1. Hi, I am Eric. Black guy from london, i dont smoke, i like to keep fit most of the times. i read your ad, and am willing to help you.

      1. We are Lesbian couple been trying to start a family but was unsuccessful through fertility clinics so we are looking for a sperm donor AI or NI preferbly east indians, asians or mixed race with black within Toronto or surrounding areas. If you are interested in helping us please feel free to msg us.

  6. Im 26yrs old Mediterranean looking donor. Born and living in London. Dark brown eyes & Black hair Straight. Athletic build, very healthy and fit. AI only and no post-pregnancy contact desired. Very relaxed, good humoured and flexible. For more info, feel free to msg me. Profile ID 130070

  7. Hello! I am a single, heterosexual female and have yet to meet that special person. As my ‘biological clock’ is ticking, I’d really love to have a child, preferably with a good friend who would share the parenting. Ideally, I would like to do this with a guy who’s gay and wants to be a Dad. A bit about myself, I’m British Chinese, well-educated and have a stable job in London. I enjoy many hobbies including classical music, the arts, eating out, films, travel and keeping fit. I think I would make a loving and stable mother and would love to share the experience with someone. I’m not sure whether I’ll find this but do drop me a line if you’d like to explore further. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee and chat! Profile ID 131281

  8. First thanks for reading and a quick note about my profile picture. It’s probably because I’m new to this but I was reluctant to put one on a public website. That said I’m happy to email some photos. Hope that’s OK but in the meantime be assured that I don’t look like Chewbacca 🙂 Anyway onto my main profile: I am single and self employed. I work hard and travel a fair amount and earn a good living. Being quite time poor I haven’t found the right person and I feel that I’d like to become a parent now rather than leave it to chance for another few years. I feel I’d make a great and devoted parent and one of the main reasons I don’t want to wait any longer is that I want to have a baby while still young so I can put my full energy into bringing him/her up and also be young enough, when they are in their 20s/30s , that I can still help them and play an important role in their life. I’m open to discussion on various levels of contact and co-parenting. My work life doesn’t permit me enough time to bring a child up on my own but I am open to having varying degrees of contact as I take the responsibility seriously. I don’t want to be an absent parent and I can’t be a full time one but we can hopefully agree on somewhere in between. Profile ID 130038

  9. We’re very new to this site, and already had a couple of messages from people who kindly offered to donate. If you’re interested in writing us, it would be helpful if you could mention what made you think of donating or co-parenting (we’re open to both). I think we’d like to get to know our donor/co-parent for a period – this may not suit everybody.
    In terms of what we’re looking for we’re hoping to find someone kind but also clever, with a slim build. Profile ID 131291

  10. hi, I’m back on this site as although i am talking to someone about this, time is passing and I’m no spring chicken (although I look and feel young my fertility is about right for my age) so need to get on with things. So I’m basically looking for someone with a high sperm count, who lives in London to donate via AI. I’m been keen to be a mum for some time and although I’ve got close I’ve never quite got to that stage in a relationship so now is time to try it another way, hence the reason I’m here. I also would like to have met/know the dad and give a child the chance to know who their Dad is when they are growing up. Ideally, I would like for the child to develop some sort of relationship with their Dad. The type of relationship and level of contact however is very much up for discussion. More than anything I am keen to meet a donor who is upfront, honest, shares similar values and is genuine (oh and has a high sperm count – did i say that already?). I’m a professional lady with a bit of a hippy streak, I love yoga, walking, cycling, camping and drinking cider round open fires. I currently live in London but would be moving back to Bristol to live as that’s where my community of friends are. I love kids and spend a good amount of time with my friends kids, so have a bit of a feel for what could be in store.. (if that is ever possible). I am financially self-sufficient, and have a good female friend willing to help with co-parenting responsiblities. Let me know if you are interested. Profile ID 129735

  11. I have wanted a child for years, but it’s never happened for one reason or another, and have decided that it is time that I go for it now rather than later. I am of mixed race; half Ghanian / half Lebanese and single. Seeking either a donor or co-parent. Profile ID 131412

  12. I am a professional male, background in law and accounting. Im gay and single and work in finance. .. its a bit hard to know what to write…but I see my role as friend of the family, probably not simply donor, but open to discussion. I am looking for a similiar woman, single ( gay or straight) friendly , easy going. but obviously this takes chemistry , discussion etc so i’ll stop babbling. I like travel, debate , writing ( ive published a kids book which the child will be expected to read! ) Profile ID 3861

  13. Black media professional – no children. Looking for a lesbian or single heterosexual woman interested in co-parenting. This will be a relatively slow process, as I would like to get to know the person/couple – as does my partner – prior to considering next steps. Profile ID 131483

  14. I’m 26yrs old Mediterranean looking donor. Born and living in London. Dark brown eyes & Black hair Straight. Athletic build, very healthy and fit. AI only and no post-pregnancy contact desired. Very relaxed, good humoured and flexible. For more info, feel free to msg me Profile ID 130070

  15. I am currently hoping to find someone who would like to have 2-3 children. Ideally I would like a co-parent but no pressure. Please leave your contact details and add me to your contacts and I’ll get back to you. Profile ID 9135

  16. We are attractive and friendly gay couple (white and black) around 30-ties, well educated (eg doctor), very healthy and fit, stable financially. Co-parenting preferable, level of involvement to be agreed (very flexible on that!). Sperm donating ALSO possible. Any option considered. Pls get touch.Damian Profile ID 12550

  17. Hello, i am here to find a sperm donor, i would love to have a child, i have been hoping to find a donor now for a while, someone who will stick with me, donating to me till i get pregnant. Profile ID 131681

  18. Hello my name is Daniel. I am a young professional looking for a single/partnered, gay/straight to donate to and have as at least a small part of that childs life. I am the most loving guy and have always dreamnt of having my own child. I am gay and would be grateful if you could send me a message. Any questions welcomes. Profile Warning 131725

  19. Hi. I´m a 32 year old single woman living in London, brunette with blue eyes, healthy, and I would love to have a child, preferably in a co-parenting basis but if not possible, independently would be fine too. I was raised learning to value good morals and genuine relationships either being with friends or family, being respectful and considerate with others. I work in property and have a good full time job which I enjoy and I have an optimistic outlook in life as well. However so far it didn´t happen to find the right circumstances or the right person to have children (one of those life mysteries) so I think that independently of it this would be the right time to hopefully have the joy of being a mum. Hope someone can help! Thanks Profile ID 131739

  20. I have been tested for all STDs and willing to donate in the most comfortable way prefared by recipient. Currently living in London but willing to travel as long as recipient covers the cost. i am honest and reliable & would not waste your time (not all donors r reliable) Profile ID 131782

  21. We are a professional, forward-thinking lesbian couple who would like to start a family and hope to make a child very happy. Ideally we are looking for a known donor but without involvement in the child’s life, however this is open for discussion. We are healthy, happy and have a good sense of humour and would generally look for the same in a potential donor. Negative blood group donor especially desired. Profile ID 131320

  22. I have been tested for all STDs and willing to donate in the most comfortable way prefared by recipient. Currently living in London but willing to travel as long as recipient covers the cost. i am reliable & would be honest on availability (advance). I might accept NI/PI donation if you can prove you have recently been tested for all STDs. At the moment i wish to be a donor NOT co-parent. Profile ID 131782

  23. Currently a University Student and Student Pilot (on hold for driving lessons!). Not sure as to what I want – so i’ll say i’m curious Profile ID 10072

    1. We are black lesbian couple would love to start a family and wanted to know if you woud be able to be sperm donor,

  24. My partner and I are looking for any male who would be willing to donate sperm for us to have a baby.  We would ideally like somebody who is attractive, reasonable well educated and a general all round nice person.  We are such a loving couple who are desperate for a child.  I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a Mother since I was a child.  My life won’t feel complete until I have a family with the woman that I love.  We’d both love our new baby so all of our hearts, and make sure that we bring them up with good morals and values.  We would ideally like to meet the donor so that they felt comfortable with donating to us and we felt they were the ‘right’ person for the job.  Please please help!  THANK YOU! xxx Profile ID 5168

  25. We are a loving lesbian couple in a stable civil partnership, we have been together for 5 years and have alot of love to give a child. Our friends describe us as having a great sense of humour and very reliable. We are looking for someone to help us complete our family by helping us have a child, thank you for looking! Profile ID 131843

  26. We are a lesbian couple who are looking for a sperm donor so we can have a baby and complete our family. Profile ID 131909 Uxbridge

  27. Hi, I am looking to co-parent. Ideally i am looking for a woman (or a lesbian couple) very stable, living in London, happy to have at least 2 children and share the upbringing of the children. I am hoping to build a strong relationship based on support , friendship and transparency. I am 44, gay, live in Islington and have been with my boyfriend for 12 years. I am originally from France but have been living in London for 15 years. I enjoy sport but also all sort of activities. I studied economics and work in the finance industry. I would be very happy to discuss it and meet you if you have a similar parenting project so please do not hesiate to conact me ,Thanks Jean Profile ID 787

  28. I am a fit, healthy, successful man with a wide range of friends and diverse interests. I am well-travelled and show curiousity in almost all things. Educationally, I have an Oxbridge PhD and am also a keen sportsman, having recently completed a multiday desert marathon. I am here because (i) I am not yet ready for children of my own, but do wish to create a child; and (ii) I have friends who could not have children and used a donor, and it was a fantastic option for them. I’m happy to chat to anybody who may be interested in hearing more, but either way – good luck everyone! Profile ID 131995

    1. Hello, I am a single woman, not that I am ugly, I am 1m 65 French origins brunette, brown eyes but I was not lucky in my former relationship. I always have been waiting until I would be sure but…. I am looking for a sperm donor here in Australia.
      I am a school teacher and have been living and working in Australia for 10 years now. This is now my priority, I will do anything to have a child now. Time is pressing with age as well. I will be very grateful for the one who would help me.

  29. I am a 23 year old science graduate. I am Carribean have brown eyes and black hair. I am 5ft 11. I don’t smoke or drink and am a vegetarian. I feel like I was born to be a mum but haven’t been lucky in the relationship department. Don’t want to wait forever to be a mum. Looking for someone who can help make that dream a reality. I am a creative person and enjoy reading, writing poetry and art. I am bright and can sing. Both my parents are professionals and I do not have any history of disease in my family. My paternal grandparents are both relatively healthy in their late 80s. Profile ID 132005

  30. We are a lesbian couple and have been together for seven years. We would love to have a child and feel ready to start our family. If you are interested in donating, please get in touch. Profile ID 12642

  31. I’m a heterosexual youthful woman who is sporty and enjoys travel, food and a circle of great friends. Having not however had the good fortune to meet Mr Right I am pursuing my desire to have a baby. I have lived abroad and speak languages, have competed in sporting competitions (although too many aches and pains now) and continue to cycle to work. I have a full and rich life but am missing a small but important part to my puzzle. Profile ID 10315

  32. I am a 28 year old primary school teacher and have always been passionate about working with children. I am a nurturing person by nature, and have so much love to give to a child. I would desperately like to start a family. Having lost my partner two years ago, I am now choosing to go it alone. I am new to this process and would appreciate any advice about the various options or offers to donate from interested donors. Many thanks. Hope to hear from you. Profile ID 132132

  33. Thanks for looking Im easy going professional reasonably fit with an IQ of 138 educated to degree level with an easy going personality with a good sense of humour ( Which helps break the ice). Great to help you if I can. I have a clear STI test. My sample was analyised and is normal in count and mobility. I have donated sucessfully before once before. My membership is currently lapsed – so it may take a little time to reply. Ive helped singles and couples before. Im currently in a major city in Scotland – so if you can travel here I can help you. Occasionally I do travel elsewhere so other locations may be possible. Ill be happy to foward more details if you have any questions. Thanks James Profile 4093

  34. I am not able to have children with the love of my life and do not wish to adopt and so we have spoken about donating sperm or co-parenting with someone who would love to have a beautiful life. I am looking to help an amazing woman who would like to create a baby and if I can help I would be honoured. I am an engineer at heart, but also have a business head on my shoulders. I have been told i am intelligent and was tested with an IQ over 147. Profile ID 132507

  35. I’m very interested in being a donor or a limited co-parent and would like to discuss the various aspects with an interested potential mother. I’m alternative in my views generally about life and have a clear idea of who I am and would describe myself as quirky, bohemian, optimistic and alternative. While I would be happy to have a family with a soul-mate, it’s not clear that this will happen soon. I have this strong biological urge to facilitate, in whatever way is mutually agreeable, the creation and nurturing of a new life. Profile ID 8966

  36. I am a very happy mother of one beautiful young daughter and work part time in a professional job in London. My daughter was conceived naturally with an ex partner with whom I split up several years ago. My daughter’s father now lives overseas and we have little contact, although still amicable. I would now very much like to try for a sibling for my daughter before it becomes too late or difficult. In an ideal world, no doubt like many people on this forum, and had circumstances been different, I would have prefered to have another child within a long term relationship. However, I am also wary of rushing into such a relationship too quickly or for the wrong reasons (with the desire to have another baby as a major pressure). Having given this much thought now, it does feel much more honest, practical and true to both myself and my daughter to try looking now for a man (gay or heterosexual) who would be interested in donating sperm. This could be just as a donor and nothing more or, perhaps, the possibility of some sort of co-parenting arrangment could be discussed. I much prefer the idea of having a known donor, even if the donor was to have only a limited role in the child’s life, as I do think it important for a child, at the very least, to know of its biological father and be able to develop a level of contact that would suit both of them. I am not looking for a donor to have any legal or financial responsibility. As far as the method of donation goes, I would probably suggest using a registered fertility clinic for this. I have already registerd with a recommended clinic in London and have done all the necessary health and fertility checks with them and my GP (the latter were particularly important as I am now over 40). All checks have come back with good results, thankfully, and my first pregnancy was normal and healthy so I am cautiously optimistic about future possibilities. I would be happy to hear from anyone who thinks this situation might be what he is looking for and would like to discuss anything further. Profile ID 133112

  37. Single woman in London looking for a sperm donor. Black or mixed race only please. My profile ID is 134347. Will be upgrading to premium membership soon.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  38. hello my name is amy. i have been with my girlfriend for a year and we are looking for a spem doner so if you could help us email


  39. I have a very open minded wife who suggested that after having 4 children i might be a good candidate for helping others. I am 30 years old and white in Norfolk let me know if you would like to know more.

  40. Hi, I am a straight woman in london longing for a child and need a sperm doner/co-parent. I need someone who is happy to have the child know who they are and have a relationship with the child, big or small so long as it is consistant and the child knows where they stand. Caucasian and intellegence are essentual. Would suit single gay man or couple or a sensible single straight man. Will consider natural conception or AI. Please get in touch.

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