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  1. Hello, My name is Scott. Although a single male, I’ve arrived at that point in my life where I want to start a family. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a father and I believe that now is the time to seriously progress. I am a professional artist and most of time is spent producing works and arranging exhibitions. I like to laugh and get a lot of pleasure from taking my dog for long walks, the more remote the better. I’m quite setteld and contented with my life and I spend my time between a property in Kent and my studio in rural Lincolnshire. My priority is to find co-parent who is kind, generous and generally happy. Being cultured, spiritual and humourous is a definate bonus. I’m happy to consider any arrangements that a potential co-parent may have. Profile ID 130926

  2. Hi, We are a lesbian couple who have everything in the world we could ask for except for a child and that breaks our hearts daily. Everytime we see how some people can breed like rabbits without a care or thought for the life they are creating it destroys us. We have been together for 8 years and married for 2 and a half. We own our own home, both have full times jobs and we also run our own family business from home. We have been planning to have child for 5 years + and have worked so hard to try to ensure that we can provide for a child emotionally, physically and financially as best as we can. We dont do any form of drugs and have not touched alcohol for over 5 years. We spend most of our spare time doing up our home. Profile ID 128595

  3. Hi There
    I am a single mum and am deserate for another child. My destiny has always ben to be a mum, i absolutley love it, best job in the world. Even love being pregnant and the birth doesn’t really bother me either. Would prefer for the donor to have no contact with the child but I would be happy to let them know the progress, am happy to discuss this further. I enjoy cooking, reading, music and love animals. Would love a sibling for my sibling. If this sounds like what you’re looking for too just let me know!! Profile ID 131669

  4. I’m looking to donate in order to help a single person or couple successfully conceive. I’ve been busy with a career for the last 15 years & have just realised over the last year or so that I really want to reproduce! Unfortunately my life isn’t perfect enough to bring a child into the right now & so I’m looking to help others to help me. I am educated to college standard & have a successful career as a Manager. I exercise regularly, mostly running, but also occasional cycling & would class myself as slim, fit & healthy with a good BMI. I am STD tested as clear & I have certification & I’m a non smoker. My friends & colleagues would be consider me to be a confident & good natured person with a positive outlook. I have a creative nature & love photography, films, music & enjoy reading sometimes too. I’m flexible in terms of who I donate to & what your background is. My main concern would be that you are pleasant & well rounded individual who truly desires a child. A good sense of humour & warm personality are a must! I am looking to be an anonymous donor, but I would like to get to know my recipient a little bit via email & occasional updates & pictures would be a bonus. Please drop me a line if you think we can help each other & thank you for reading x

  5. Hey I think I would like to know more,I will be upgrading to premium member soon looking to use a donor in a few months time

  6. Hi, Me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor to help us start a family of our own. We have been together 5 years and now are looking to go further in our relationship. We are not looking for someone who is highly educated and has loads of money , that doesnt matter to us, all we are looking for is someone who can help ours dreams come true! I would also like to add that me and my partner are happy to co-parent with another gay couple who are looking for the same dreams as us. If it sounds like you then please cotact us. Hope to hear from you soon. Medway, Kent Profile ID 133102 Co-ParentMatch.com

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