2 Replies to “Are you looking for a sperm donor in Cambridgeshire?”

  1. I am back properly now I have sorted out my situation. I am even more desperate to be a mother now and lets see if we can make that happen …Profile ID 8136

  2. hi thanks for looking at our profile i currently work for the nhs in the pharmacy department and my husband works as a baker. we have been married for 6 months now and are looking to start our family soon.my husband has recently been diagnosed as infertile and we are exploring the option of using donor sperm. We are intersted in artifical insemination at home ONLY and would prefere to recieve this donation by post (we will cover postage costs) as we feel it would be better if we do not meet the biological father of our child. If you feel you could help us to achieve the family we desire so much please contact us. Thanks Leanne and Dan Profile ID 8818

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